THE VIVERA FAMILY The property is comprised of three estates,
in three different areas, following our family history
Behind each bottle of Vivera wine is a long story.

The stories are of open fields, vegetable gardens, vineyards and vintages, of hands dirty with earth and must. A story of hard work that our ancestors began over a century ago, that was handed down from generation to generation. It’s a job that knows no pause and does not allow incomplete work. Only quality grapes, selected from carefully worked organic vineyards. Only meticulous and patient work, to have a perfect raw material that deserves to be worked in the cellar.

A wine cellar that isn't simply a cellar, but a home. A home for our wines.

Just as in great love stories, it didn’t take much for us to understand that the place we were searching for was right before our eyes on Contrada Martinella, of Etna, in February of 2002. An ancient vineyard, unused for years, with dry stone walls and lava stone stairs. An enchanting and unique landscape: with the Ionian sea in front and behind the summit of Etna. Both 9 km from us.

Halfway between water and fire, there was the ideal soil for organic farming: healthy and balanced, constantly reached by the wind that comes from the volcano and from the sea. There was the perfect space to build a technologically avant-garde wine cellar in harmony with nature. The structure was immersed completely in the surrounding landscape so as to be almost invisible from the outside. There was the place where we would welcome wine lovers and experts, who would come from all over the world to learn about the fruit of our work.