THE CELLAR It is located in Linguaglossa, surrounded by vineyards, in the Martinella district.
It is located in Linguaglossa, surrounded by vineyards, in the Martinella district. A cellar designed and dreamed of long before, in every detail.
sala green
barriques red

Our cellar is the place where nature and technology embrace each other in an absolute symbiosis. A place where the quality of the wines comes from the quality of the equipment, materials and the environment, but above all from the quality of our work.

Two bodies, two souls: a tasting room, in which we receive clients and wine enthusiasts, to make the wines known in a relaxing and familiar environment, surrounded by an extraordinary panorama. Then, almost hidden from view, the area reserved for processing the grapes, fermenting, refining, bottling and storing the wines. Among temperature-controlled tanks, systems for reassembling and spraying the cap, peristaltic pumps capable of moving the grapes with absolute delicacy, we work with modern methods and with attention handed down by our ancient winemaking traditions.

Each cellar space is characterized by different colors, dictated by chromotherapy,

able to make the rooms pleasant and functional for the well-being of those who work there every day. The bright green at the entrance instills positivity, especially in the winter months when the white of the snow and the black of the lava stone dominate the landscape; the yellow of the storage rooms gives light to an otherwise dimly lit environment, creating space and sunshine; the red of the wooden storage room creates a suffused and shaded atmosphere, for a space where the wine waits to continue its maturation in the bottle. Finally, the freshness of blue dominates the bottling room, to give concentration and tranquility to those who are responsible for this very delicate job.