It was first wine bottled in our cellar. A white wine born from the idea of ​​uniting the territory of Corleone and Etna together. The origin of the name is “A Mami”, “A Mamma”, this wine being dedicated to mother Armida. It is thanks to the heritage of the vineyards and then the work that my mother and my father have carried out together that we carry on this beautiful work. Without the vineyards of our mother, without these origins and the many harvests experienced as children, perhaps there would never have been wine.  We wanted to create an elegant and soft wine and at the same time full of energy and dynamism, just like her: Mamma Armida, born in Corleone and who moved to Etna for love (a play on words with “Amami”). The wine combines two very different territories: Chardonnay from Corleone, Contrada Solicchiata, which gives the wine a wide range of elegant aromas combined with the softness and roundness typical of this variety, and Carricante from Etna gives enormous freshness and minerality. On the nose the aromas chase each other; on the palate, the entrance of the Chardonnay gives way to the cleanliness and verticality of the Carricante that cleanses and invites another sip.