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Sicily is a vast territory and everything can change from East to West.

Every year our work reminds us that we must always face new challenges.

We will remember the 2018 vintage as a difficult harvest for all of us. From first time we started harvesting grapes on Etna before harvesting at Corleone.

The Palermo has in fact been hit by constant rains since the beginning of August, influencing, in an important way, the progress of the harvest and our mood.

Joy for the quality and quantity on Etna and instead constant anxiety for the Corleone grapes.

What happened reminds us that every harvest is a new experience and that we must face the capricious nature of Nature with courage and awareness …

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Download the report

This harvest will be remembered as among the hottest in recent years as well as among the longest and most demanding harvests! Despite the rains of Spring and the mild temperatures, we had sensed a possible anticipation of the harvest. The summer was warm and extremely dry and what we had imagined was realized: on August 4th we started the harvest, about 12 days in advance, compared to average. The harvest ended on September 29 with Martinella’s Nerello Mascalese grapes.

The first grape to be harvested were the Chardonnay from Casalotto in Corleone or at least what was left to pick…

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The 2016 harvest began in Corleone on 20 August with Chardonnay and began 9 October on Etna with Nerello Mascalese. We will remember this harvest as one of the longest and most tiring ones. It didn’t rain in Corleone for the entire period of harvest but fortunately the water reserves of winter and spring did not create particular stress for the vines. On the contrary, on Etna, from mid-September until the end of harvest, it rained often. Sometimes a few drops wet the soil, other times real storms arrived that gave us great apprehension. The work of control and prevention, the right balance of grapes and leaves on the vines, allowed us to harvest healthy and beautiful grapes.

At Corleone we expect fresh and pleasant whites and intense and deep red wines. It is always early to talk about Etna because it manifests its fullness only with time. But we can foresee a great elegance. Already today the Nerello Mascalese has developed very delicate notes of roses.

From Corleone comes something new: Once Upon a Time … our new rosé wine made from Merlot. Fruity and fresh with subtle and delicate aromas. This wine is the beginning of a story: Once upon a time … a land of dreams where your soul travels elsewhere. This land is Corleone.

After three years of drought on Etna, the 2015 season was rainy, refreshing the land, the air and giving more strength to the vines. In October, after several days of good weather, thanks to  our wonderful team and great commitment from everyone, we finish the harvest of the Etna grapes, the Carricante, the Nerello Cappuccio and finally the Nerello Mascalese October 8th. Martinella Rosato is fresh and fragrant with delicate but present tannins. Salisire 2015 will have delicate aromas, lower acidity and the volcanic soil always provides the mineral thrust. Martinella 2015 will be composed of  Nerello Cappuccio, which shows particularly soft tannins and Nerello Mascalese which has developed intense varietal aromas and a nice fragrance of roses.

Very similar in temperature to the 2013 vintage: cool climate, little rain. The results were perfumed, elegant wines, fresh born from smaller berries and a reduced quantity of production, therefore also high concentrations. The 2014 vintage, for the first time since 2008, has seen the bottling of a new wine and a new challenge: Martinella’s rosé.

Excellent vintage in Corleone but unfortunately less generous on Etna. Hail hit Etna in July. This led us to thin out the bunches in an incisive way and to make heavy selections, both in the vineyard and in the cellar. The number of bottles produced was therefore significantly reduced to ensure a consistently high quality of wines. The situation in Corleone is different. The summer was cool, with temperatures only a week at 38 degrees and then with very cool evenings, then the seasonal average dropped to 32-34 degrees. The wines of this vintage are characterized by a great freshness, almost salinity. Elsewhere, the wine of excellence award was given by the Espresso wine guide, along with the great names of Italian production, for this our product, simple but made with a lot of heart, is an immense satisfaction and a great surprise.

Slightly cooler and more rainy than the 2012 vintage, it retains the characteristics for great red wines, both in Corleone and on Etna. Even the whites maintain beautiful freshness that will become complex only with long refinements in the bottle.

A very hot year, high temperatures with little rain. Important red wines, fruit forward with strong tannins that needed a lengthy refinement. Chardonnay is best expressed with great softness and elegance. Even the reds, like the Syrah, have great ripeness and reveal the characteristic notes of black pepper in a marked way, characterizing The Land of dreams in an unique way. The wines of 2011 will be long-lived and of great complexity. To demonstrate this, Salisire received high scores from international critics.

We remember it as a perfect vintage. Rains arrived at the right time, as well as sun. The grapes had a perfect maturation curve which created wines of greater complexity, and for the red, tannins of enormous elegance, imparted by nature. The wines of this vintage are suitable for a particularly long aging that can increasingly express the characteristics of the territory. The Etna wines were reported with high scores by several Italian and foreign critics.

A cooler vintage, quite rainy in the Etna area. The long Spring was generally cool and rainy. We decided that a strong thinning of the bunches would have led to an earlier maturation and this intuition made this vintage particularly beautiful as far as we are concerned. After four days of rain we had two sunny days and then we were able to harvest. We finished harvest just in time, because for about a month and a half rain never left the vineyards in peace, but we were safe and the wines showed the characteristics of this vintage with a more pronounced lightness, but also elegance, finesse and minerality. The Salisire 2009 is the first wine to receive a highly prestigious award (wine of excellence) and for the first time we entered the elite of excellent Italian wineries.

The 2009 Martinella also received the first high scores of critics, 93 points from Wine & Spirits, etc.

Was one of the hottest years. Very high temperatures and very little rain. The white wines have reached important degrees of ripeness and the same for the reds. The little rain led to high freshness and in the reds to well developed tannins and important structure. Our first vintage began on August 18, with the anxiety of chasing the ripening grapes which, due to the high temperatures, proceeded with a sustained speed, never allowing us a day of rest. We ran to harvest in order to get the correct ripeness and keep freshness high.